Visit Kickstarter.com now to get your own print of "Phoenix Queen".

"The Phoenix Queen Kickstarter is the SIXTH of the Winged Women Art Nouveau Collection - she is a VERY SPECIAL and meaningful piece dedicated to everyone who has had obstacles to overcome in their life.  

The Winged Women are personal art nouveau pieces that I put all of my love and soul into creating.  There will now be six in the series, and you choose Phoenix as your reward or any of the past pieces (Swan, Raven, Owl, Crane or Falcon) as long as their editions are not sold out.  

I'm creating her in four different sizes - the 11x17" which is a beautiful size to display for tighter spaces or in a collection book; the 13x19" which is ideal to frame on a wall along with a few others in the series, the 18x24 which is a little larger, if you have bigger walls, and also comes with a drawing on the certificate of authenticity, and the very, very limited edition 27x36" size, which also comes with a drawing and I make only a handful at this size.  I will be hand tipping the feathers of the giclee on canvas in gold leaf to really make her unique."

Visit Kickstarter.com now to get your own print of "Phoenix Queen".

IMPORTANT! You cannot get this print outside of the Kickstarter.com website. Please do not try to "Purchase" it through this site (EchoChernik.com) - as that order will never be fulfilled and have to be cancelled.