My most iconic pieces are the ones where I just let my artistic muse go wild.  You will receive a pen and ink drawing, of my own creation, from somewhere in the depths of my imagination.  I’m offering a few general directions, to help make sure you love it - but besides that it’s all Echo Muse! 

They will be in ink. Usually black and gold but I may add other colors or Metallica. They’re usually on cream paper but might be on black. Drawings are matted ready to frame in an 11x14 frame.

Comes with additional original pencil concept drawing if I do one.


1 Echo Vision (surprise me!)

2 Sexy - beautiful woman with flowing hair.  You can suggest a single word direction like: mermaid, sailing, tentacles, sad....

3 Strange - something out of the depths of wtf? Might include tentacles, turtles or guns. I have no idea yet. Strange can be mixed with sexy. It can also be mixed with animals.

4 Animal - I love drawing animals. Send me a direction and leave the rest up to me.

Right now they will ship for Christmas. Free domestic shipping. 

Dedication available.



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